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019: Dessert Gallery

In Galleria on January 28, 2010 at 3:57 am

Chocolate Raspberry Sensation

I was really hoping to save the Dessert Gallery for my birthday, since it’s kind of a tradition, but seeing as my birthday isn’t until December, that wasn’t a very realistic goal. I went with my cousin, his girlfriend, and my grandmother. The beautiful thing about going out to eat with lots of people is getting a little bite of everything. That is, if you go out to eat with the sort of people who don’t mind that sort of thing.

I ordered a slice of Chocolate Raspberry Sensation to split with my grandmother. Raspberry and chocolate are one of my favorite flavor combinations. (Raspberry mochas, fresh raspberries and Nutella, raspberry truffles…) Unfortunately, all I could really taste in my cake was an overwhelming rush of sugar. Of the three desserts, I was the least impressed with my own choice.

Everyone's Favorite Mousse Cake

My cousin’s girlfriend went with the mousse cake, which was came with an impressively rendered chocolate moose on the plate. I tried a bite of it and loved the light texture, but it wasn’t quite sweet enough for me.

Tres Leches

Happily, the tres leches my cousin ordered was just right, and there was enough on his plate that I didn’t feel guilty stealing a few extra bites. It’s one of the more wet tres leches that I’ve tried. When you bite into it, the milk runs out of the cake and over your tongue. It’s pretty much heaven.

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