495 Houston Restaurants

039: The Breakfast Klub

In Third Ward on May 29, 2010 at 1:41 pm

Fried Pork Chop & a Side of Bacon

In the past, whenever someone would protest my recommendation of The Breakfast Klub with a mention of their line, I would brush it off. “It’s not bad! It moves really fast.” This is back when the line snaked around the corner of the building, parallel to Alabama. It’s always been worth it to me, so I had no hesitation bringing my boyfriend here for breakfast on Saturday morning. We got there around 11:00am, when the Midtown Farmers Market was still in full swing. I’ve never been, so I thought we might pop over there after we finished breakfast, before they packed up for the day at noon. (Ha!)

The line from my memory had nothing on the line we encountered when we walked up. I was pleasantly surprised, though, that they’ve set up tents on their sidewalk plus four big jugs of ice water. We got in line, sipped from our styrofoam cups, and waited. The end of the line faced the building, then it snaked around to face the other way, then the other way again, before it ran beside the building and inside.

Let me just say that I have never complained about the line at the Breakfast Klub, nor am I about to do so. I will say, however, that there’s something a little nerve wracking about asking an out-of-town guest, boyfriend or not, to stand in line in the Houston heat for food that they’ve never tried before. Obviously I didn’t have a problem with it, but would he? Thankfully, once we were finished with breakfast, he pushed his plate back and said, “Okay, that was worth it.” It wasn’t until we left that he told me, always oblivious to time, that we’d waited in line for about an hour and a half.

I know what you’re thinking. An hour and a half in line? For food? I have laundry to do! But we made some rookie mistakes. First of all, we came on a Saturday, and second of all, we didn’t come early enough to miss the after-church crowd. I would suspect that some people from the Farmers Market filtered over, too. If you want to try the food without the wait, come on a weekday. If you have a morning appointment in the Med Center, it’s a perfect post-doctor (or dentist) treat.

Pork Chop Plate

As for the food, it’s perfect for a rib-sticking breakfast. (Or lunch. They serve lunch, too!) Their signature dish is waffles and wings which is fantastic drizzled with hot syrup. My personal favorite is the fried catfish and grits, which is what I initially ordered. I wanted to have it one last time before I move to Raleigh on Wednesday. But then the Klub pulled a cruel trick on me: they brought out a plate of pork chops and walked down the line with it. I’m a sucker for suggestive marketing.

I changed my order at the register and the cashier—a model of efficiency, by the way—asked me if I wanted them grilled, fried, or one of each. I went with one of each, which I wouldn’t have thought of on my own.

It comes with two eggs, grits or potatoes, and a choice of toast or a biscuit. I took my eggs scrambled and decided to try a biscuit. There was a side of bacon on my order, too, from when I thought I was having catfish. Bacon and two pork chops is overkill I think, even for me.

The plate was heaven. Buttery grits; salty, crispy bacon. The grilled pork chop was seasoned perfectly and the crispy skin on the fried pork chop gave way to fatty goodness. The eggs were good with a little sprinkle of salt. I didn’t even get to the biscuit. Afterwards, my boyfriend and I headed home for a nap. After standing in the heat and stuffing ourselves with carbs and meat, we needed it.

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  1. The only time I’ve been to The Breakfast Klub was on a field trip for my Black Political Thought class (not a joke); thankfully we were pushed to the front of the line, I don’t think I could have made it an hour and a half!

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